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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions we get asked the most

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Q: If it's not on your line card, can you still quote me?
A: Yes, our line card is a group of only some of the major lines we represent.  We can quote and acquire just about anything available on the market today.

Q: Do you do lighting and power quotes?
A: Yes, we can.  If you are bidding a job and need a source for your lighting or switchgear, we are the guys you are looking for.  Send us your drawings and fixture counts and we'll get you a figure that will hopefully surprise and delight you.

Q: Do you make deliveries?
A: Yes, we can.  If you can get us an order before 2pm, we can get whatever materials we have in stock out to your local site the next day.  Delivery times will vary based on existing deliveries, staff, and job location.  Work with us and we can work with you to make you as productive as possible.